4 months deep! 


When you are having a life changing experience, keeping a record of it is certainly ‘a good idea’ for lack of a better term. I have been contemplating on whether or not I should share my Asia travel journey  and I’ve been trying to decide on the best way to do it – 4 months deep and here I am.

Initially, I thought of buying a journal, I figured It could come in handy if I were to decide to write a book one day – my dad even gave me a title suggestion, “Memoirs De Princess Sud” – something like that! I thought that It would be amazing to keep the original books and leave them for my family and friends, neighbours, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and whoever else finds my journeys interesting, however, knowing myself, carrying a book around with me all the time is not going to work! In any case, pen to paper is tedious and limiting (I can’t really upload a photo on paper now can I?!) so this is the next best solution! (Ps: I am in no way knocking journaling, I take my hat off to people who can actually keep up and keep journals for years on end).

To all my family and friends who have been asking me to constantly update them and share highlights of my travel journey, this is for you!

By the way, this is not really a blog, it’s a “personal, but not too personal online journal” of my journey … more like a photographic journal with very very long captions 😊. No pressure, just me, myself and I.



My second opinion: TK


  1. Bronik

    Well I must say in the digital era we leave footprints by photos sharing some of the short episodes. Well we look forward to seeing the scooter rides like now heheheh. I hope you will consider a scooter in RSA. We wanna see the animals you see and the new food you try.


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